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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

PEN Literary Awards - PEN Translation Prize 2015

This is certainly the time of year for Award literary announcements, I’ve skipped posting quite a few of them here given their lack of “translated” bent.

PEN America yesterday announced their Longlists for all their awards (for more details on these go to ) however I’ll simply announce the ten books selected for the PEN Translation Prize ($3,000 “for a book-length translation of prose into English published in 2014”). Sports book battles for $5,000 - hmmmm - no comment.

Witold Gombrowicz – Trans-Atlantyk (translated by Danuta Borchardt)

Josep Pla – The Gray Notebook (tr Peter Bush)

 Andrei Bitov – The Symmetry Teacher (tr Polly Gannon)

Thierry Cruvellier – The Master of Confessions (tr Alex Gilly)

Leonardo Padura – The Man Who Loved Dogs (tr Anna Kushner)

I Ching – (tr John Minford)

Anja Marie Aidt – Baboon (tr Denise Newman)

Carmen Boullosa – Texas: The Great Theft (tr Samantha Schnee)

Marie NDiaye – Self Portrait in Green (tr Jordan Stump)

Tove Jansson – The Woman Who Borrowed Memories (tr Thomas Teal and Silvester Mazzarella)

Reading and reviewing these works is a different matter – I may get to some of them, keep your eyes peeled.

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jay criswell said...

i loved pla book, detailed days in the life of young uni student in 1918-19 catalonia