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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Booker Prize Collection Update

I’ve spent a few months digging around in cheap bookstores, shopping on line, visiting second hand dealers and I’ve managed to plug quite a few of the holes in my collection.

I now have 14 novels left to locate and I can then claim to have a full collection of every shortlisted novel from the Booker Prize since inception in 1969.

John Arden – Silence Among the Weapons – 1982
Lawrence Durrell - Constance or Solitary Practices – 1982
Barry England – Figures in a Landscape – 1969
R.C. Hutchinson – Rising – 1976
Elizabeth Mavor – The Green Equinox – 1973
Julia O’Faolain – No Country for Young Men – 1980
Julian Rathbone – King Fisher Lives – 1976
Mordecai Richler – St Urbain's Horseman – 1971
Bernice Rubens – A Five-Year Sentence – 1978
Ann Schlee – Rhine Journey – 1981
David Storey – Pasmore – 1972
William Trevor - Mrs Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel – 1970
T.W. Wheeler – The Conjunction – 1970
G.M. Williams – From Scenes Like These - 1969

The challenge still remains to read the lot of them!!! I’m currently working my way through the inaugural winner “Something to Answer For” by P.H. Newby and will post my thoughts here in the coming weeks. I’ve recently just finished this year’s IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Winner “Let The Great World Spin” by Colum McCann and will post a review here in the next day or two.


Laura said...

I'm really impressed with your collection. I've been reading winners & shortlisted books but not necessarily acquiring them (lots of library loans, etc.) Do you have a special bookcase for these books?

Tonymess said...

Yes I do have a shelf - or three -with them all on it (see my profile photo). Although it is quickly running our of space, it's already two deep and I've had to move to a new bookshelf. Plans are to put shelving into the study.

My "pride and joy" is a signed copy of "The Life and Times of Michael K".