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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I'm moving house - Messenger's Booker moves to a new location

In the Southern Hemisphere it is springtime, and tradition (or my wife) dictates that spring is a time to clean. I could come up with a handful of corny quotes like “When you let go you create space for better things in your life”, or “it is flooded water that makes mud; it is clean water that washes away the mud” but really I’m not a Pinterest board, nor a place to misquote or misattribute motivational statements, so why bother?

But it is a time to clean.

People have been on my case for a few years now about moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress, their promptings being purely for personal reasons, for example it is easier to comment at WordPress. Given I’m not personally fussed either way, so long as people can still access my thoughts if they are that way inclined, a change is in order.

Messenger’s Booker is moving to WordPress.

After five years (plus) of being here at Blogger I will no longer be posting new material here, the site will remain, as an archive of the prior five years, but all new content will now be published at

I’ve imported all of my blog posts from here (excluding this post) and from today onwards the latest reviews, award news and my humble opinions will now be found at Noting that any embedded links on the new site will actually bring up the article on the old site – a small price to pay for being in a more user friendly format.

I would like to thank the dedicated followers I have here, those anonymous visitors who have made this site a success, those returning readers who have encouraged me to continue to publish random opinions, at times conflicting opinions, ridiculous muddles through incomprehensible novels or those who just stopped by to plagiarise something I’ve written for your own homework. As the site owner the statistics on individual posts are very useful in understanding what is popular, what is currently being studied (the spikes!!!) and what is pretty much ignored (Australian poetry). None of those data driven inputs will force me to change my approach nor my reading habits. I will continue to read Australian poetry and occasionally write about it here, whether people read what I think or not, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. Anyways, thanks for stopping by over the last five years, where I’ve moved from a couple of hundred visits per month to many many thousands, it has been a wonderful journey here, a journey that will continue at WordPress.

Bookmark the new site

I’ll see you at the new venue, I’m hoping to put up a review of a few recently completed poetry collections, a look at some of my highlights from Robert BolaƱo’s last work, the 900 page “2666” and a post about my thoughts on the first 50 pages of the behemoth that is Arno Schmidt’s “Bottom’s Dream”.

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