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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Long List 2014

The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Long List has been announced and this year I’m privileged enough to be “shadow” judging the award, keep your eyes on this blog as I’ll post updates as to my thoughts of each novel as I work through them together with links to other blog reviews with other panel members.

With fifteen works making the long list, it is going to quite some reading exercise. Having already read and reviewed Kawakami’s work (the same novel underwent a title change and I reviewed it here as “the briefcase”), and read Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “A Man In Love” where a review will be forthcoming, it leaves me with thirteen works to read, with the shortlist being announced on 8 April there isn’t a heap of time. All novels have been ordered so time to get reading!!!!

Three of the five I predicted did make the list so quite happy about those psychic abilities!!

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize long list

Sinan Antoon The Corpse Washer (Arabic; translated by the author) Yale University Press
Hassan Blasim The Iraqi Christ (Arabic; trans. Jonathan Wright) Comma Press
Julia Franck Back to Back (German; trans. Anthea Bell) Harvill Secker
Sayed Kashua Exposure (Hebrew; trans. Mitch Ginsberg) Chatto & Windus
Hiromi Kawakami Strange Weather in Tokyo (Japanese; trans. Allison Markin Powell) Portobello Books
Karl Ove Knausgaard A Man in Love (Norwegian; trans. Don Bartlett) Harvill Secker
Andrej Longo Ten (Italian; trans. Howard Curtis) Harvill Secker
Ma Jian The Dark Road (Chinese; trans. Flora Drew) Chatto & Windus
Andreï Makine Brief Loves that Live Forever (French; trans. Geoffrey Strachan) MacLehose Press
Javier Marías The Infatuations (Spanish; trans. Margaret Jull Costa) Hamish Hamilton
Hubert Mingarelli A Meal in Winter (French; trans. Sam Taylor) Portobello Books
Yoko Ogawa Revenge (Japanese; trans. Stephen Snyder) Harvill Secker
Audur Ava Ólafsdóttir Butterflies in November (Icelandic; trans. Brian FitzGibbon) Pushkin Press
Jón Kalman Stefánsson The Sorrow of Angels (Icelandic; trans. Philip Roughton) MacLehose Press
Birgit Vanderbeke The Mussel Feast (German; trans. Jamie Bulloch) Peirene Press

1 comment:

Bellezza said...

I have only read Strange Weather in Tokyo (or, The Briefcase if you will) and Revenge. I am well into The Infatuations and am indeed infatuated with Javier Marias' writing. So looking forward to sharing our thoughts as we (hurry) toward the goal!